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Environmental protection and global warming which is causing the climate change are surfacing as perhaps the most important topics to be worried about these days, apart from the global corona virus pandemic.

In our latest efforts to further strengthen the awareness of the Bank’s co-workers and clients about what exactly is going on with our environment and how we can make individual contributions to help slow down climate changes and decrease the greenhouse effect, we have come up with this educational brochure.

We hope that it will help you understand that our daily human activities maximize the greenhouse effect, causing the planet’s temperature to increase even more. This means that each one of us can fight it through the application of small scale measures that help to slow down climate change, as we cannot stop it completely at this point.

With relation to our environmental goals efforts, Opportunity Bank Serbia has joined GABV members in signing the GABV Carbon Commitment. This document presents the willingness of signatory banks to within three years measure, disclose and help reduce the climate impact of their loans and investments in line with Paris Climate Agreement.

We hope you will enjoy reading our brochure “What can I do to protect the environment”and we strongly encourage you to try implement some of the advice presented in it.