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Opportunity bank changes its business name and starts operating as 3Bank.

After changes in the ownership structure last year, the management of the bank came to a strategic decision to change the name of this financial institution, aimed at supporting clients with limited access to credit opportunities.

“3Bank name is unique, recognizable and symolizes the three strategic goals of the bank: positive impact on people, planet and economic prosperity. The bank conducts its activities in such a way that a perfect balance is kept between these three goals, so achieving any single one never jeopardizes the other two. Besides a new name, we also have a new logo, which in simple geometric shapes and intertwined lines represents a tree with three branches symolizing these strategic goals, but at the same time represents our dedication to sustainability and protection of the environment” says Vladimir Vukotic, president of the executive board.

He adds that the bank will not change its business policy, but will stay focused on supporting clients who have limited access to credit opportunities.

As a reminder, last year, besides the Oppotunity International microfinancing network, UnweltBank and GLS Bank from Germany, along with the “Tridos Investment Management” investment division and Triodos Bank from the Netherlands entered the ownership structure of this bank. All four major stockholders are the members of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV), a network of independent banks using finance to deliver sustainable economic, social and environmental development.