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We offer loans with wide variety of purposes that cover needs of registered agricultural households in Serbia. 3Bank Agro loans can have various purposes:

Fixed Assets Loans for buying livestock, new or second-hand agricultural machinery and transport vehicles, greenhouses, water-supply systems, agricultural land, equipment for processing and packing of agro products, construction/adaptation of facilities and household infrastructure works.

Working Assets Loans for seeds and plants, pesticides, fertilizers, fuel and spare-parts for agro machinery, fodder and medical supplies.

3Bank Loan Officers use innovative Tablet Application since 2014, which can generate preliminary loan decision during client visit, after inputting basic production and sales data into it.

Current Accounts for Agricultural Household Holders

Our agro clients can open current accounts in 3Bank in order to direct their loan or agro-subsidy funds and to make or receive payments related to their agricultural household.

Our advantages

Loan procedure is simple With innovative Tablet Loan Approval Application, our clients can get preliminary loan approval during the first visit by 3Bank Loan Officer (valid only for loans up to 7,000 EUR ).

E – banking

3Bank also offers e-banking for all our agro clients:

  • who are busy and have no time to visit the bank
  • who live away from a bank
  • who want to save time and money
  • who want to transact in a quick and simple manner

If you have any questions, a customer service company that provides electronic banking services is always available.

Asseco SEE

24×7 Service Center for e-banking
Bulevar Milutina Milankovića 19g, 11070 Novi Beograd
Tel: 011/ 2013-131
Fax: 011/ 2013-132
E-mail: helpdesk@24×
Web: http://www.24×

Letters of Guarantee

This service is available to agricultural producers and it is aimed at facilitating their efforts to successfully organize agro production and place their products on the market.