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3Bank is active in Serbia since 2002, when it was first established as Opportunity Savings Bank which has successfully transformed into a bank in 2007 with the license issued by the National Bank of Serbia. From November 2021 Opportunity Bank changed its name to 3Bank.

The Mission of 3Bank is to provide financial services to all those who make a positive economic, social and environmental impact, with special focus on clients who have difficulty in accessing such services.


    1. People first

    We strive to encourage positive changes in the lives of our employees, clients and the community itself. 

    1. Sustainability

    We are focused on social and environmental impact, as well as our bank’ s sustainability which is reflected in everything we do.

    1. Transparency

    Being direct and honest is an integral part of our culture. This is how we build trust.

    1. Inclusiveness

    Equal rights to financial services for all. We pay special attention to those who have difficulties in accessing banking services.

    1. Innovation

    We are constantly striving to improve ways in which we operate and service our clients.


We provide innovative financial solutions to empower people, create jobs and build vibrant communities.

  • Our products, services and training enable clients to develop businesses, to save and to insure against an uncertain future.
  • We strengthen and influence value chains to benefit our clients, connect them to viable markets and drive economic progress.
  • We create innovative partnerships to provide complementary services to our clients.
  • We seek to impact the lives of our clients, staff and supporters.