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Innovative savings

3Bank offers innovative saving schemes to residents, individuals and small businesses, in domestic or foreign currency, term or a vista deposits.

The Bank participates in the system of mandatory deposits insurance in the Republic of Serbia.

We believe that developing a wide range of savings schemes that are convenient, flexible and accessible even to the low-income clients enable people to cope with irregular incomes and emergencies when they arise thus adding quality to our clients’ lives and making it more carefree.

Our savings clients have the following benefits:

  • Safety of their deposits
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Possibility of early withdrawals

In 3Bank, we believe that the role of bankers in financial education is extremely important. As of 2020, our majority owners are the three largest green banks from Germany and the Netherlands, which in terms of savings means that our goal is no longer just to collect savings, but also to actively educate, above all citizens with lower incomes and lower savings potential about the necessity of savings, so we probably unique in that we pay more interest on lower than higher savings deposits