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Micro and small businesses

3Bank’s loans for micro and small businesses are targeting all registered entrepreneurs and private companies in Serbia. Loans are available to production, services and trade industries and our goal is to stimulate the development of entrepreneurship thus contributing to self-employment, creation of new jobs as well as to sustaining of the existing ones.

3Bank also supports start-up businesses, even after 12 months of operating, as well as upgrades of clients’ business activities regardless of the company size.

3Bank also offers Current Accounts and Overdraft to Micro and Small Businesses


3Bank offers its clients three types of business loans:

MICRO BUSINESS LOANS available to all start-up businesses and established micro-entrepreneurs or private companies with up to 10 employees.

SMALL BUSINESS LOANS are available to all registered entrepreneurs or private companies with up to 30 employees. They have been created with the intention to support clients’ small and big ideas on improving and developing their businesses, such as expanding their business activities, range of products or services in their shops, business premises adaptation, equipment or vehicle modernization.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT LOANS available to all registered entrepreneurs and private companies with up to 100 employees.

Our advantages

Our Client Advisers visit clients’ businesses to analyze clients’ individual needs and propose the best solution for financing their ideas or necessities. This is the best way to tailor each loan to specific needs of each entrepreneur.

Loan procedure is simple since business plan is not required and clients have assistance from the bank’s loan officer throughout the application procedure.

E – banking

3 Bank e-banking provides plenty of benefits to our business clients:

  • Lower fee for electronic transfer orders
  • Electronic banking system available 24 days, 365 days in a year
  • Maximum protection of the service provided by modern security technologies
  • In-country payment services for entrepreneurs and legal entities
  • Urgent payments
  • Option to pay now or on the desired date
  • Review and availability of account statements according to dates
  • Insight into dinar account balance and changes on the account
  • Review and follow-ups of account balance and transfer orders in real time
  • Working with several accounts and companies by using only one SMART card

If you have any questions, a customer service company that provides electronic banking services is always available.

Asseco SEE

24×7 Service Center for e-banking
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